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Account Recovery

Issue micro signup --recover --email=youremail which will email you instructions on how to log in to namespaces you have access to. Currently there is no password recovery functionality, please contact us on Slack to do that.

Changing Your Password

Use the following command to change password (you must already be logged in):

micro user set password

Additional Users

You can add upto 5 additional users on the dev tier. Every additional user added to your account is billed at $35/month. Whether you invite them or just plain create the account we’ll keep track and invoice this as “M3O Additonal Users” on your invoices. See Get Started > Invite Users to see how to invite them.

Additional Services

Beyond 10 services, we bill every additional service at $3/month. Additional service meaning anything with a new unique name e.g users, customers, orders. We’ll add a line item on your invoice called “M3O Additional Services” automatically.


If you’d like to cancel your subscription please email

Fair Usage Policy

Our fair usage policy applies caps to usage on a per service and per namespace basis. This is so we can maintain a shared system for everyone to use in coordination and have a great experience. The limits are below but may change, vary or include new resource types.

Per service limits

  • CPU - 1 core
  • Memory - 128 mb
  • Disk - 512 mb

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