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Get Started

The fast guide to using the M3O platform

Visit to get started in minutes.


We’re currently in invite only mode so ask the team in #m3o-platform for an invite on slack.


Install Micro to build, run and manage services locally or on the M3O platform.

curl -fsSL | /bin/bash

This command makes the rest of your CLI commands run on the M3O platform.

micro env set platform

Signup to the M3O platform and follow the instructions

micro signup

See for the rest of the guide.

Free Tier

We offer a ‘Dev’ environment for free usage. It’s great for small projects and individual devs.

To use it simply set your environment to the dev env and follow the usual signup flow.

micro env set dev

External API url’s for your services are served on * rather than * used by the paid tier.

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