Platform Pricing


A cloud platform for API driven development

Get started quickly with a team or as an indie hacker


Deploy from Git
Connect from anywhere
Zero infrastructure management
Public API & Private repos supported
Shared hosted environment

Sell your APIs and services on the platform

$45 / month

Dev features plus
Metered Billing & Payments
2x Increased resource limits
Business day SLA response time
Slack & Email support


API Gateway

A single public HTTP entrypoint for your services. Build microservices on the backend and consolidate as a single API for the frontend


Define access rules, manage user accounts and create auth tokens for all your services and APIs

Config Management

Dynamic config loaded at runtime plus hot reload support without restarting services

Data Storage

Persistent and multi-tenant key-value storage as a first class citizen so you can build stateless services rapidly

PubSub Messaging

Build event driven architectures using pubsub messaging. Publish, subscribe and track every event you need

Service Discovery

Microservices are a first class citizen on the platform. Discover, call and reuse each service as a building block for the next

See the rest of the features in the docs


What's included in the Developer plan?

Everything you need to quickly get started building APIs and services. Including your own namespace, deploy from git, automatic builds and public API urls.

Can I use the developer plan for my team?
Yes. You shoud be able to invite upto 5 collaborators to your namespace. You'll share the resources of a single namespace and be able to build and manage services together.

What's the resource limits
Each namespace is under a fair usage policy of 1 core, 1gb memory and 10gb disk. The business plan increases the resource limits 2x by default and beyond for a cost.

How do I signup to the business plan?

If you want to be upgraded or just want higher resource limits, contact us for access, let us know what your use case is and we'll be in touch shortly.

Where is it hosted?
M3O is hosted on DigitalOcean in the London region.

Can I self host Micro?
Yes Micro is open source or "source available". You can find it on GitHub. Micro uses the Polyform Shield License which just means you can't sell Micro as a service.

Where can I learn more?
Head over to the Docs or come join us on Slack.